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centrale solaire noumea

Harness the power of the sun with AMBI Energy

Who are we ?

Founded in 2007, AMBI Energy SAS has established itself as a leading reference in the engineering, design and construction of turnkey photovoltaic solutions in New Caledonia and the Pacific.

From development to maintenance of your installations, including financing assistance and design-construction, our dedicated teams support you in your Solar Farm Projects, Roof Systems or Car Park Shade Systems, as well as in the deployment Autonomous Systems and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

AMBI Energy has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification and QualiPV 2009 qualification, demonstrating our commitment to quality, operational efficiency and continuous improvement in all our processes and services.

ISO 9001:2015 qualified
QUALIPV 2009 Installer

Sustainable Development Actor

Beyond our core business of engineering and constructing photovoltaic solutions, we aspire to promote responsible and sustainable practices. AMBI Energy SAS is a member of Synergie (cluster for energy transition), the FINC (Federation of Industries of New Caledonia), and the MEDEF NC (Movement of Enterprises of New Caledonia).

Synergy, FINC, MEDEF
Solar farm in Kotabore 5.5 MWp

Your success is our business, we take care of every aspect

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), at the core of AMBI Energy SAS's strategy, encompasses all integrated practices to align our activities with social, environmental, and ethical standards.

We strive to adhere to ethical standards, promote transparency and fairness, foster diversity within our teams, minimize our carbon footprint through the use of sustainable technologies, and positively contribute to local communities.

Social contribution

Economic Contribution

We actively support the local economy by promoting homestays and traditional meal preparation in tribal communities. Additionally, we entrust the transportation of materials or personnel to nearby businesses

Sustainable development awareness raising

Raising Youth Awareness

We systematically give priority to recruiting young people from the tribes who are helping to build photovoltaic solutions in their region.

This initiative aims to provide them with skills and raise their awareness of sustainable energy

Youth training

Training Young People

Every year we take on trainees and ensure that their skills are validated by approved training organisations.

At the end of their placement, they may be offered a recruitment programme within the company


Safety and Health

We implement rigorous protocols on all our construction sites, provide training, and constantly supervise practices on the ground. Additionally, we select safety equipment that meets the highest standards

Promote skills

Skills Enhancement

In addition to our commitment to youth integration and training, we enhance internal skills by delegating authority and responsibilities to employees

Well-being at work

Workplace Well-being

Our premises have been designed to provide optimal comfort for our team, with three meeting rooms available to our employees. The facilities also include a gym and an open terrace equipped with a foosball table for enjoyable relaxation moments

Environmentally friendly

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We are constantly seeking to improve logistical control on both international and local scales by prioritizing orders/purchases within the Pacific region. Our approach includes consolidating material transports to sites and promoting carpooling

Waste control

Control of our Waste

AMBI Energy is committed to the selective treatment of waste by stepping up controls and carrying out regular visits to depots. Our internal approach emphasizes the importance of selective sorting, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and responsible waste management

calpv charter

Charter CALPV

The CALPV Charter aims to establish a common methodology for photovoltaic installers to ensure compliance with quality standards in all aspects of advice, system sizing and installation quality


Listening to you, meeting your needs

Our commitment to quality is based on our ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction, innovation and the highest standards.


Make your project a reality with AMBI Energy!

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